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Types of Residential Tree Service Your Backyard Need

A tree is a natural blessings. A blessing that must be treasured and should survive in this world. If you have a tree in your backyard, then you are lucky enough. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. It also serves as shelter for some wildlife. Therefore, keeping it healthy and well maintained is important. To help you out, residential tree service is available to maintain the good condition of your trees. The following are services that you need to keep your trees healthy:

Tree Trimming

Trimming is often used for residential needs. In backyards, trimming is done to promote healthy tree growth. Lower and long branches are removed from the trunk to discourage animals from browsing and eating them. Trimmers are mostly preoccupied with removing green shoots to encourage healthier overall foliage. Lastly, trimming is done to improve the appearance of the tree. It is the most common residential tree service that you need.

Tree Removal

Removing trees that are growing near your home or near sensitive areas is needed. These trees might end up destroying your home. But you don’t have to worry about uprooting it because this service removes the tree and will be transferred to another place where it will be safe.

Tree Care

Proper care of your trees is an investment that will lead to substantial returns, such as reducing air conditioning costs, controlling erosion and shielding your property from damaging winds. Experts help protect your trees throughout their lifespan including damage due to storms and lightning. Tree care services will also help you in maintaining the health of your trees at home.

A-1 Tree Care LLC is a good partner in maintaining the health of your trees at home. It is a trusted residential tree service that will help you with your problems regarding your trees. We are a certified botanist that cares. You can dial (816) 715-5820 now to help with all your tree care projects. You can also visit us at Independence, MO for more information.

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