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What Does a Professional Tree Service Provider Do?

A tree service surgeon is often referred to as an arborist, works in the industry of arboriculture. Basically, they are involved in maintaining the overall health of trees and can often use several techniques to meet this goal. An arborist is a profession which is totally different from a logger, as they harvest trees or a forester that is more concerned with the overall status of every element of wildlife within a forest environment.

Arborists are often called in perform tasks which ultimately have a positive impact on the life of a tree. This can include responsibilities such as pruning or shaping foliage on trees, in addition to treating them with materials which will help clear up blight or some other type of condition which is threatening to the life of a tree. An arborist will often perform tree surgery on trees which range from relatively small and new, all the way through to trees which are literally decades old.

Some will specialize in a specific type of tree, while others work with trees of every type and condition. As with most professions, working as an arborist does need the proper training and credentials. The overall goal being to become a certified arborist, which basically means individuals possesses the proper educational credentials, in addition to having at least 3 years of practical experience under their belts.

People looking to pursue less exacting work can choose to become Certified Arborist Technicians, which also requires training and testing, but not as comprehensive. Arborists can find work with national forests, in private research, and with state and local parks and recreation facilities. And, there are some that choose to work on a contract or freelance basis, and will often work with landscapers, the pulpwood industry, and other similar business that have concerns on the health of any trees involved with a particular application.

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